5 Main Reasons You Should Use FORMULA SHEETS || Study Tips

Being a Chartered Accountancy student, majority of my time is spent with my books. We all know the way to go is smart working, rather than hard working. 

So, I thought I would do a study tips series to show you a few things I have picked up along the way and give you a few ideas to make your studies more interesting.

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    What is a formula sheet?

    A formula sheet, or an equation sheet is basically a sheet of paper in which you write down all the formulae pertaining to a particular chapter. 

    Why should you use formula sheets?

    Easy referencing

    Formula sheets can be used for easy referencing later on while revising a particular chapter. During revision, especially the day before the exam, it is always better to have all your formulae together in one place so that while solving a particular question, you can easily refer to the relevant formula and make your answering process faster. 

    Writing is a form of revision

    Writing down formulae in itself is one form of revision. To write down the necessary formulae, you first need to go through the entire chapter (which makes for one revision) to know what to write down. 

    And it is a known fact that writing down while studying helps in the retention of facts, more than oral learning. 

    Easy to recall and by-heart

    To recall what your have learnt, it is not enough that you make formula sheets. Go the extra mile and hang them up or paste them on the wall using Scotch Tape (since it doesn't leave a mark) or behind the door or wherever you see them everyday. 

    You can even use pin boards with thumb tacks to pin up your notes, if you don't want to directly stick papers on the wall. You will be inclined to read the formula sheets from time-to-time, if they are visible to you. We don't want our formulae to be out of sight, out of mind, do we!

    Bird's eye view

    Formula sheets can help you on the morning of your test or exam. It can give you a run through of the entire chapter at a glance, which could be very useful when you lack time. 

    You can carry the formula sheet with you and read it while in-transit, since they are not bulky. Basically, they are time-savers and are transport friendly. 

    Aesthetically pleasing

    It could be used as a creative outlet. If you are a person who likes making pretty notes, formula sheets are the way to go. There are many ways to brighten your work, like using calligraphy, brush lettering, headers and  banners using stencils, etc. 

    You could even colour code your formula sheets subject-wise, by using a similar shade of paper, pen or marker for all the formula sheets of one subject. 

    How to make formula sheets

    First read through the entire chapter and roughly mark or highlight the important points or formulae. Get a sheet of paper and write down your previously marked points in the chapter. 

    I'm showing below one of my formula sheets, which I used for a practical chapter 'Derivatives' of SFM. 

    If you want to download this sheet and the remaining formula sheet portion of this chapter, just head over here.

    PRO TIP: 

    Try to ensure that you contain the formulae within two sides of a paper. You don't want your formula sheet to be so long drawn that you lack the motivation to read it! 

    What to do if you are studying theory?

    That's easy. Another version of the formula sheet is to make summary notes for your chapter. Formula sheets are mainly meant for practical subjects like math, financial management, or costing. 

    In case of theory subjects, you can use an alternative version of formula sheets; Summary Notes. Go through the whole chapter and highlight the key points. Now write them down in a paper and you are done making the summary of your chapter. 

    Below is a summary sheet of a theory chapter of SFM, 'Risk Management' 

    You can download the entire summary sheet of this chapter here

    Where can you get ready-made templates for formula sheets?

    If you don't know how to create a formula sheet, you can get free printable formula sheets from Emma Studies. This is a great website to get study packs. She has many study tools available, which have been a huge help for my studies. 

    What do I use?

    I use coloured ruled sheets to write my formulae or summary notes in. I got a pack from a local shop. I don’t colour code my subjects, but I feel the pop of colour in my otherwise dull notes are extremely important. Similar coloured sheets are available for purchase in Amazon. 

    Anyways, now that we have come to the end of my long rant, I hope you take the hint as to how important formula sheets are and will implement them in your daily study strategy. 

    Let me know what your study strategies are in the comment box below!

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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