Got Stuck? Tips To Streamline Your Last 30 days CA Final study plan

If you are a student, you know what it is like a few days before the exam. Cramming up stuff while burning the midnight oil, trying your best to get away from social media, listening to motivational videos, and the like. 

These are the last 30 days to the CA final exam and I am just beginning to get into my very tensed "cramming mode". 

Tips To Streamline Your Last 30 days CA Final study plan
Tips To Streamline Your Last 30 days CA Final study plan

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    Step 1 - Organize your study area

    Even though a little bit of tension is necessary to get our focus in the right direction, a calm mind is needed for us to absorb and retain what we learn. An organized study area with no distractions is a major requirement for a productive environment. 

    So, clearing out unnecessary books and stationery from my table was the first step for me. I only kept the things I needed for my study session.

    Keep only the necessary things on your table while studying
    Keep only the necessary things on your table while studying

    Step 2 - Plan your studies

    Next step is obviously to make a plan. I have 4 subjects to study to for - FR, SFM, Auditing and Law. Now, I'll tell you give you an outline of my plan.

    FR (Financial Reporting)

    As per past patterns, I know that a 16-20 mark question can be expected from the chapter 'Consolidation'. Since I am pretty slow at solving questions from this chapter, 45 min everyday is dedicated to doing one question from past papers or mock or revision test papers. 

    For the rest of the syllabus, I did an ABC Analysis to decide which chapters get more priority, given that only a few days are left for revision. Being a practical subject, written practice while revising is important. 

    SFM (Strategic Financial Management)

    This is also a practical subject and needless to say, written practice is necessary. SFM has theory questions of approximately 20 marks and so, if you are good at theory, this could be a major jackpot.

    Again ABC analysis was done. Even though I am a new syllabus student, most of the questions from the Practice Manual (which is for old syllabus) remain the same. So, a lot of my revision time will go into doing PM questions. 

    AUDITING (Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics)

    30 marks consist of objective questions and hence, buying an MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) book is a must. After skimming through a chapter or its notes, go through its MCQ's. 

    This helps a lot, not only from exam point-of-view, but also to gain conceptual understanding. ICAI has put sample questions in its website, so going through those will also be a good idea. 

    Also, for the next 10 days, on a daily basis, I will be doing an MCQ quiz. I recently discovered timed quizzes on CA Sanidhya Saraf Sir's website, which I think are very useful. You can check it out at

    LAW (Corporate and Economic Laws)
    All the points mentioned for auditing are applicable for law as well.  

    Please note - 

    ABC Analysis for all subjects was done based on "section-wise weightage" in the ICAI website. You can read it hereAnd, I used Bestword's MCQ books for both auditing and law. 

    Here is the daily timetable I usually like to follow while studying - 

    Study timetable for last 30 days of CA final
    Study timetable for last 30 days of CA final

    Step 3 - Solve question banks

    After finishing the reading of a chapter, you also necessarily need to solve questions, be it theory or practical. ICAI has given out a lot of questions in our study materials, Revision Test Papers, Mock Test Paper, Suggested Answers and Case Study Digests. 

    Since all these are scattered in various books, my suggestion is to buy a question bank for each subject. Question banks usually give a complete coverage of all questions in a particular chapter. All the ICAI questions are combined for you in 

    The question banks I've ordered are the following - 
    (All books are with reference to May 2022 and Nov 2022 exams)

    FR - AIR1CA Institute's FR question bank (CA Ajay Agarwal)
    Auditing - Taxmann's Cracker for Auditing (CA Pankaj Garg)
    Law - Arpita Tulsyan's Question bank for law (CA Arpita Tulsyan)

    Step 4 - Eliminate Social Media

    Okay, so the last step is to eliminate social media. My problem here is that a lot of my doubt clearing happens on YouTube and while I am on YouTube, I do wander mindlessly to other unrelated videos, which are totally distracting and absolutely unnecessary. 

    So, the solution I found was moving my laptop to a sofa I have right behind my desk. This way, the laptop is not right in front of me, so I don't feel the need to always use it. Also, it is very uncomfortable to use the laptop when it is on the sofa, so I am reminded that I should clear my doubts quickly and get back to studying at my desk. 

    I hope these productivity enhancing tips were useful. 

    Happy studying and see you next time! 💕


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