2021 Bujo Set up | Jan 2021 Bujo | Floral and Plant Theme

A few days late, but still here nevertheless. I'm talking about my 2021 bullet journal set up and the spread for January. 

For the cover page of the year, I went for a black-gold theme, with a hint of pastel pink. I loved using my new black sticky paper and the gold pen which came with it to write down my goals for the new year! 

Some of my other bullet journal themes are the Retro theme for August and Christmas theme for December

Next, I made a Future  Log. A future log is basically a spread wherein you will be able to write down all important events to remember throughout the year, like election day or birthdays of friends and family. 

The future log I've made is based off of what Amanda Rach Lee made for her spread; all pastel shades and Dutch door style.  

Highlights of the month is something new I tried this year. For every month, I will stick one photo into the box I've drawn of something memorable that happened. Since I don't own a Polaroid camera, I will probably have to go to the local stores to get the photos printed. 

Highlights is a nice concept for those who like looking back on what they did years ago. I have made space for only six months because I believe this journal will be finished by then. This spread was also Amanda inspired. 

Now, time to finally reveal my January 2021 spread! 

To be honest, when I first picked up my brush pen, I had no idea what kind of a spread I was going to make. I just knew I wanted to keep it simple. 

For the Quote Page, I decided to write down a Bible verse. I went with one of my favourite verses from 2 Timothy, which reads "For God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind". From my childhood, this verse has given me strength, so I thought it would be a nice start to the year. I gave the verse a pastel touch with my Tombow brush pens and did the black lettering with my Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint.  

I also stuck two pieces of my pastel and grid washi tape for a bit of decoration and added a rounded yellow border. 

For the January month cover, I wrote January in a bouncy brush lettering style and outlined it in black. I further gave a shadow outline in black outside the word and coloured it in pastel pink to finish the shadow look. Next, I gave a light purple cloud outline around the January lettering. I wrote out the month's calendar and drew a floral circle around it as you can see. 

I also added a quote at the bottom to complement the theme which reads "Everything blooms in its own season".

This is my monthly spread for January. Continuing the floral theme from the cover page, I added a few leaf doodles. I also added a few stickers from my Faith Planner sticker set and plain pink and grid washi tapes to go with the colour scheme. I outlined each of the boxes with a different pastel shade from the Tombow brush pen set.  

And lastly, we have the weekly spreads. It just comprises of a simple calendar and a box for each day of the week. 

During the second half of January, I suddenly wanted to add a greenery vibe to my weekly spread. So I added a couple of plant doodles and made my handwriting style a bit quirky, if you can call it that! I also cut out some grid paper to write down each day's tasks and events.

The only other thing I added to the spread was a habit tracker, which I felt was a necessity for me. For the various shades of green, I used a combination of Stabilo Pastel highlighters, Tombow Dual brush pens and Doms brush pens.  

If you've made it till here, wow is all I can say! This has been one long blog so, thank you for being with me till here. 

Keep creating! Keep planning!


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