March 2021 Bujo | Cozy Home Vibes Theme

I was going through a few Instagram covers and I came across one from Ellen (her instagram handle is @elzdoodles) which immediately caught my attention. You can see it below and I absolutely loved it. 

I first wanted to recreate it exactly, but I had a few ideas of my own on how the home decor should be and where it should be placed. So, I retained the basic outline and changed around a few things.

Cozy Home Vibes themed Bujo
Cozy Home Vibes themed Bujo

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    Cozy Home vibes themed Cover Page 

    Incorporating my own ideas 

    I had been looking up some furniture and home décor to place in my home in the future and I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate my real life furniture ideas into this cozy home theme.  

    Since I had always been a fan of arc lights, this one was a must. I also wanted some unique looking lights, which is why I went with the Jute Circle lights (though in my cover theme, I modified a bit). 

    The Kiwi cushion is my purchase from last year; I use it as a floor cushion and I am absolutely in love with it. The coffee table was one I saw in Pepperfry and what I liked most was the unique shape of the legs. 

    Last addition to my cover page inspired by my home décor hunt (and also from Ellen) is the shapeless rug. The one I found online, from IKEA, is not exactly shapeless, but it works well enough. It can also be used as a throw and it is so pretty! 

                            Arc Floor Lamp                                     Jute Circle Light


                    Kiwi Shaped Cushion                                Faux Fur Floor Rug

                                                         Round Coffee Table

    Okay, before this turns into a home décor post, I will show you the cover I finally made. 

    Cozy Home Vibes themed Bujo
    Cozy Home Vibes theme Bujo 

    I also added two paintings, similar to what I've seen artists make with washi/ masking tape and two-three gradient colours. I had fun making the mini version of it.

    Overall, I really like the visual image the cover page gives me. Sipping warm tea and looking out at beautiful mountains sounds like a dream come true for me.  

    Content Planner Spread

    Instead of the monthly planner, I decided to make a Content Planner spread. From the end of this month until the first week of June, I cannot focus much on planning and posting pictures on Instagram because of my upcoming exams, so the content planner was made to help me plan out the posts and when I want to publish them. 

    For the Content Planner spread, I went with a metal grid background. I want to have one in my study, but currently there is no space for it. 

    Content Planner Spread
    Content Planner Spread

    Weekly Spread

    I changed the format of my weekly spread and decided to adopt a more freestyle approach. It will contain a lot of things I use in daily life. 

    There are two reasons behind this; first, I want to be able to master the ability to draw any real life object in a miniature form (or as a doodle); second, this will serve as sort of a art diary, as to what my likes were, when I look back. 

    By the way, I got the purple floral and the boba tea sticker from Sticker Press.

    Bujo Weekly Spread
    Bujo Weekly Spread

    Home Vibes - Bujo Weekly Spread
    Home Vibes - Bujo Weekly Spread 

    Pink coloured Bujo Weekly Spread
    Pink coloured Bujo Weekly Spread

    I hope this article will inspire you make similar spreads of your own. 

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕

    Check out the things I used to make this spread! ☺ 


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