Organizing Products | Round up of all the best uses of Tack-It

Today, I want to share a product, which has been a favourite of mine for the past two years : Faber Castell's Tack-It. It is basically an adhesive and it comes in handy for me because I love sticking things on the wall, be it command hooks, papers, paintings, or just about anything. 

I would previously use double-sided tape or cello tape but the problem is that it ruins the wall when we want to get the stuff off of the wall. So, you can imagine I was thrilled when I discovered Tack-It. 

Tack-It does not leave any sort of residue on the wall, so it suits my purposes perfectly.

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Round up of all the best uses of Tack It
Round up of all the best uses of Tack It

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    What is Tack-It?

    It is a putty like substance, which is also a reusable and removable adhesive. To me, it looks like chewing gum (I can't think of a better way to describe it). It is very simple to use. Just tear off a square of the adhesive from the pack. Now, place it behind whatever object you want to stick and voilà! You are ready to go! 

    What is the use of Tack-It?

    1. Use Tack-It to keep items in place

    If you have items that you don't want to move from a specific place (sort of permanently fix), Tack-It is the right choice. 

    In my room, I used it to attach to my table this clay pen holder that I made. Previously, it would keep falling at the slightest gust of wind. But ever since I used Tack-It, it has remained in place. 

    Tack-It keeps the pen stand in place
    Tack-It keeps the pen stand in place

    I also wanted to attach this miniature dog to this tray, for décor purposes and Tack-It came to the rescue. 

    Tack-It was used to attach the object to the tray as décor
    Tack-It was used to attach the object to the tray as décor

    2. Use Tack-It to mount command hooks

    I always used to place command hooks on the wall using double sided tape and whenever I took it off, it would leave an ugly mark on the wall. I tried mounting a piece of Tack-It to the back of the command hook and not only does it stick well to the wall, it also does not leave a residue upon removal. 

    By the way, as a precautionary measure, I try not to hang really heavy stuff on the hook, just in case it can't take the weight.

    Tack-It is used to mount command hooks
    Use Tack-It to mount command hooks

    3. Use Tack-It as a cable organizer

    I hate messed up and tangled wires and I wanted to buy a cable organiser from Amazon. But then, I realised Tack-It was a cheap alternative to it. 

    All you have to do is place the wire onto the side of the table where it usually lies when not in use. Now, in that position, place a piece of Tack-It and make it curve over the wire in such a way that it holds it in place. 

    Use Tack-It as a cable organiser
    Use Tack-It as a cable organiser

    4. Use Tack-It to clean crevices

    There is always some area which I can't dust or clean properly in my room, because my hand or dusting cloth can't reach. Again, here's Tack-It to the rescue!

    I mainly use it to clean tricky and narrow areas, such as the gaps in computer keyboards and window crevices. All you have to do is roll a few pieces of Tack-It together and attach it to the end of a pencil. Of course, using the pencil is not mandatory. I just find it convenient. 

    Now, using the pencil as your grip, try to roll it over the areas where there is dust accumulating and you will find it is so much easier to clean!

    Use Tack-It to clean crevices and gaps in keyboard
    Use Tack-It to clean crevices and gaps in keyboard 

    5. Use Tack-It to make clay shaped mini animals

    If you have small children at home, you can use it as a alternative of clay to make various shapes and mini animals with them. I myself am not around children much, but I tried making a few animals and it is a nice way to spend a relaxed afternoon. 

    This is the tutorial I followed to make it. 

    6. Use Tack-It to avoid getting scratched

    I am an extremely klutzy person and my hands keep hitting the edge of my table, which is kind of sharp since it has a glass top. I discovered that Tack-It can help me here also!

    Put a bit of Tack-It in an area having sharp edges and you'll thank me when you save your hand from getting bruised. 

    Use Tack-It to avoid getting scratched
    Use Tack-It to avoid getting scratched

    7. Use Tack-It as an organiser

    The main reason I went ahead and bought the pack of Tack-It was because I saw a picture on the cover of the pack that showed a few pens being tacked to the wall using the product. I used it similarly, to place my AC remote on my wall using it and I love how it turned out. 

    I placed a few pieces of the adhesive behind the AC remote's cover and attached it to the wall. Now it is so well organised and I don't have to keep wondering where the remote is! 

    Use Tack-It as an organiser
    Use Tack-It as an organiser

    8. Use Tack-It to make photography easier

    So lately, I have been using a backdrop while taking flatlay photographs of my bullet journal to post on my Instagram account. The backdrop is a sheet, made of high quality paper. This tends to roll up quite a bit sometimes and can be a distraction while taking photographs. 

    To combat this menace, I use a piece of Tack-It on every corner of the backdrop when I place it on my table. It works wonders! 

    Use Tack-It to make photography easier
    Use Tack-It to make photography easier

    9. Use Tack-It to study effectively

    If you have read my post on how to use formula sheets to study effectively, you would know that I like to keep a study wall. 

    A study wall is just a wall in my room wherein I stick my formula or summary sheets, so that I can read it everyday and recall better. I do try to change up the sheets which I stick so that I cover more portions. Tack-It is really helpful here, because it helps keep the walls clean. 

    Use Tack-It to study effectively

    Are there any alternatives to Tack-It?

    There is another alternative to Tack-It, called Blu Tack, but it is more expensive comparatively. 

    If you are looking for something with a really strong adhesive, then you should try Glue Drops by Fevicol. It works really well on DIY projects. The only problem here is that it will most probably leave some residue on the wall when removed. 

    Does it leave residue or damage the wall?

    The important thing is that it does not damage the wall even when removed. There maybe a slight residue of Tack-It on the wall seeing that it comes in various colours. To fix that, all you have to do is, take a bit of Tack-It and roll it over the area of the wall where you see the residue. 

    Follow these steps if you find that there is some residue 

    CLAMP your fist with extra Tack-It, PUSH your fist in, TWIST the whole lot and PULL it out. 

    Once that is fixed, there is no more evidence of anything ever having been on the wall. It is also reusable, non sticky and extremely rental friendly.

    So yeah, this is one of my favourite products to use since it is strong while sticking and is removable without giving much trouble. 
    If you find some other use for them, please let me know in the comments. I'd love to know! 

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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