How to make a DIY SELF CARE HAMPER under ₹1000

You need a break to recharge your mind and body. You need to take care of yourself. Self care isn't selfish! A self care package or hamper is a variety of items, which are cozy and bring you comfort.

Make this self care hamper for yourself or send it to someone special in your life to make them feel loved. Take a day off and pamper yourself. You deserve it!

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    What do I include in a self care hamper?

    Sheet Masks 

    Get yourself a nice sheet mask or a face mask pack to refresh your skin. These will hydrate your face and help in relaxing you. 

    APPROXIMATE PRICE - 360 (for 6 masks)
    Hydrating Face masks

    A nice smelling Candle

    This Vanilla scented candle from Miniso not only looks pretty, it smells awesome. Compared to some of its competitors, I think it is very decently priced as well.

    If Vanilla is not your scent, you can take your pick from Jasmine, Rose, Apple and the like.


    Scented candle

    Aroma diffuser

    This can be used as an alternative to scented candles. The aroma scent is a good way to have a nice and calm ambiance.  


    Aroma Reed Diffuser

    If you think this is too expensive, read this article to know how you can DIY a part of this with an old ink pot. 

    Fuzzy socks

    If you live in a wintry place, you know you need fuzzy socks to keep you warm and cozy. Even though India does have a hot and humid climate, it can get really cold, especially during winters and at night. 

    APPROXIMATE PRICE - 170 (per pair)
    Fuzzy Socks

    Different types of tea

    I am a chai lover, which is why this is in the list. Sipping tea slowly while reading is a must on my day off. TGL Co. gives an assortment of wellness tea, which will help in soothing your body. 

    Assortment of Tea

    Chamomile Tea

    The reason I have separately added chamomile tea is that it is known to be a very calming tea. If you are a very stressed out person, then you definitely need to have this tea at the start of your "day off" to relax. 

    Chamomile Tea

    Fluffy slippers

    Fluffy cute slippers always make me smile. These are usually made of faux fur and will keep your feet really warm. All in all, they give off really cozy vibes.

    Fluffy Slippers

    Bath salts 

    Bath salts are sort of like an at-home mini spa. Bath salts are said to relax the body and gives pain relief. It also helps in softening dry skin. 

    Bath Salts

    Pick a few (or all) of the options I've listed above and add them to your hamper. Now your hamper can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be! 

    Specific points to note if this is a gift

    Think about something they like specifically. This will add a personal touch. Maybe something which can be called an indulgence. Their favourite chocolate. That book they have always wanted to read. A month of subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

    For example, get them their comfort food (that is, food specifically endearing to that person). For me, Maggi is my indulgence any day. For my mother, it is Mango Jelly; for my sister, it is any kind of chips, Lays, Bingo, etc. 

    How do I package a self care hamper?

    Arrange all these products in a nice little hamper, like a basket. You could also add a bunch of shredded paper to make it look cozier.  I would say the packaging matters. It takes the cuteness factor up a notch. You could also just tie all the things together with a ribbon and put it all in a gift box or even just gift wrap it. 

    If you are out of time, you can order this pre-made self care hamper from Ferns N Petals. They have really quick delivery options pan India. 

    I hope you (or someone close to you) will indulge in some self care. Comment below if there was something you would have added to this list, which I left out. 

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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