How to draw doodles relating to India | India themed bullet journal for August

The theme for this month's spread "India" is based on the fact that India celebrates its Independence Day on August 15th. I've always wanted to do an entire theme based on India, so August provides the perfect opportunity for that. 

I am making a theme based bullet journal spread after a gap of 3 months, because I was preparing for my CA exams. You can view my other bujo themes, like my retro theme, chess theme, cozy home vibes theme, or my floral theme.

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    India themed Quote Page 

    For my quote for the month, I went with a generic motivational quote. I lettered the quote with my Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen and drew a box around it. 

    I also painted a few flowers on one side of the box. I only knew how to paint 3 types of flowers, so I just did them in various colours. I messed up in the top corner of the spread, so I stuck some scrap paper and continued painting on top of it. 

    The reason I'm mentioning this is to say that your spreads don't have to be perfect. I previously have stressed a lot about having a mistake-free (at least on the surface) spread, but I'm teaching myself to let go. 

    India themed Cover Page

    I wrote 'August' in a font which (hopefully) resembles Sanskrit. I then added a few doodles relating to things you find in India. Some of them include kulfi (Indian ice cream), auto rickshaws, India Gate, Qutub Minar, a lotus (national flower of India) and so on. I also painted the doodles with water colours. 

    Quote page and Cover Page

    India themed Monthly Spread

    I kept my monthly spread fairly simple. I drew the calendar and coloured in green and orange in little circles to fill in the date. Since the theme is based on India and Independence Day, the colour scheme I'm going for this month is green and orange (based on the Indian flag). 

    I used my Doms brush pens for this. 

    Monthly spread - India theme

    India themed Weekly Spread

    For the weekly spread, nowadays I prefer keeping 2 days per page. I didn't want to feel space constrained so I expanded the amount per page I was giving to each day. 

    I added one of the cute Kawaii cat themed sticky notes I bought a while ago. A pretty straight forward spread, I stuck to the colour scheme of green and orange. 

    Weekly bullet journal spread

    India themed Content Planner and Goals spread

    I usually make a content planner when I feel my schedule is all over the place and I need to have a fixed routine for my blog and social media. I definitely need to up my consistency game, which is why this spread is here.

    I highlighted in orange my Pinterest scheduling days and in green, my Instagram posting days. For my blog publishing days, I simply wrote out the title of the blog in red. 

    I have never before made a goals spread, but I realize that monthly goals can actually drive you to focus better. So I incorporated this spread. Let's see during the month end review how far I've come. I used scrap paper to cut out some oval shapes for the goal sub headings. 

    Goals and Content Planner Spread

    India themed Gratitude and Affirmations Spread

    I've decided to start practicing gratitude this month. There are so many things to be grateful for and when I look back into my bullet journal, I want to see happy and positive things. 

    Another spread I've wanted to make for a long time is Affirmations. Affirmations are said to be powerful and drive away negativity, anxiety and fear. Some of the affirmations you can try are "I am a good person and I deserve good things", "I am worthy of an excellent job and fruitful relationships", "I deserve the best", "I am a confident person and I will not allow fear to drive me", "I am an invaluable, irreplaceable asset". 

    I kept the spread extremely minimal and only wrote down the headings in brush lettering.    

    Gratitude and Affirmations spread

    Hope you liked the new spreads I've included this month. Let me know if you liked the spreads in the comments. 

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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