7 UNIQUE gifts to give your sister this birthday | 2021 GIFTS

It is almost your sister's birthday and you need thoughtful gifts to give her to show her how much you love her. When I was curating a list for my sister's birthday, it took me a really long time to find the right gifts for her.

I wanted to give her something meaningful, which would be helpful to her in some way. So, to make the gifting process a little easier for you, here are some unique gift ideas to make your sister feel special on her birthday. 

I have included some things I actually got for her birthday. It doesn't matter whether she is your younger sister or older; most of these gifts are timeless.

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7 UNIQUE gifts to give your sister this birthday
7 UNIQUE gifts to give your sister this birthday

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    Curate a self care hamper 

    A self care package consists of many items, which are cozy and bring her comfort. Tell her to take a day off and pamper herself. 

    Get her a nice sheet mask, or a face mask pack to refresh her skin. A nice smelling candle. Fuzzy socks. Different types of tea. Fluffy slippers to wear at home. You get the drill. 

    If you want more ideas, you can read my full article here - How to make a DIY self care hamper under Rs 1000.

    Arrange all these products in a nice little basket. I would say the packaging matters. It takes the cuteness factor up a notch. You could also just tie all the things together with a ribbon and put it all in a gift box, or just gift wrap it. 

    Approximate cost - ₹1000 (it is flexible though)

    If you are out of time, you can order this pre-made self care hamper from Ferns N Petals. They have really quick delivery options pan India. 

    Magic Mug

    I don't know if you have heard of magic mugs before, but I got to know about it only recently and I really liked the idea. Basically, it is a normal mug which you can design and customize with your own pictures. But, the mug will be fully black. Only when the mug heats up can you see the pictures. 

    I thought it was really cool, especially because we tend to use a lot of mugs at home and they are always in demand. So, buying a different kind of mug was a novelty. 

    I purchased this mug from a really affordable website called Canvas Champ. They did take about two weeks for the delivery though. A faster option would be this mug from Amazon. 

    Approximate cost - ₹200

    Magic Mug
    Magic Mug


    I am a huge follower of the Pomodoro study technique. I was a little bored by the method of tracking time on a phone app or my laptop, so I decided to invest in a tool by which I could study without the need for an electronic device. I ended up buying this tomato-timer, which was really cute and very handy too. 

    After that, I saw a YouTuber using a sand glass as a Pomodoro timer and I loved it; the concept, the utility, the perspective of using this potentially as a décor piece as well. So, here goes.. A 30-minute hour glass or (sand glass). 

    It is a bit on the pricy side, but it is of good quality (and look how pretty...)

    Approximate cost - ₹900
    Aesthetic Hour glass
    Hour glass

    DIY Macramé Wall Hanging Kit

    If your sister is into crafts, she will love this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) macramé kit

    A macramé wall hanging is made of thread, beads and a wooden stick and makes for a nice décor piece (Bohemian style). It comes with an instruction manual and is a very easy and fun little project to do when bored. 

    Approximate cost - 400

    DIY Macramé Wall Hanging Kit
    DIY Macramé Wall Hanging Kit

    Notebooks with personalized cover

    I saw this on a Classmates advertisement actually and immediately loved the idea of getting her notebooks having covers with a personal touch

    Since she is going off to college soon in a different state, (hopefully COVID would have died down by then and things will be somewhat normal) seeing family pictures, or pictures of her cat everyday on the books will reduce her homesickness, if any. 

    You can choose the type of binding you want (spiral bound or hard bound or normal), number of pages, type of ruling (ruled or unruled) and the size of the notebooks (college size, medium or small).
    Approximate cost - ₹800 (includes shipping)

    Personalised Notebook
    Personalized Notebook

    Cute Graduation Mug

    I know I am giving a lot of mug options, but this is too cute to be passed over. Whether your sister is about to graduate or has already graduated, this cute graduation mug is a winner.  

    Approximate cost - ₹700

    Cute Graduation Mug
    Cute Graduation Mug

    Eco-friendly (plantable) stationery kit

    I love this idea of bio-degradable stationery and if your sister is a nature lover, she 
    will like it too. 

    The kit contains pens, pencils and colour pencils, all made of recycled and bio-degradable paper and they contain seeds. The packaging is bio-degradable and the notepad is made of seed paper

    This stationery kit even comes with a pot and a coco peat (which basically acts as soil when watered). If you don't want the pot, you can choose this stationery only kit also. 

    Approximate cost - ₹500 

    So this was the list. Also, check if your sister has a wish list somewhere. I do keep a stationery wish list of things I have my eye on, so if your sister has something similar you could always get some insight from that. 

    Let me know in the comments if you would give your sister any of these gifts (or if it is just me!) 

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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