Want to pep up your bullet journal by making DIY Vintage Paper?

If you've seen my recent post on my Vintage themed bullet journal set up for this month, you would know that I used vintage themed stickers and stamps (which I got as a part of a huge haul - read that post here). 

I also used vintage papers and vintage themed circle stickers in my vintage bujo set up which I made at home, so I thought I should share the process of how I made them. 

How to make DIY Vintage Paper at home
How to make DIY Vintage Paper at home

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    How I made DIY vintage paper at home

    Step 1 - Boil some water and add coffee powder 

    We need the coffee to be very strong. The stronger the coffee, more vintage-y the paper will look. I wanted only a minimal vintage look, so I didn't make my coffee very strong.

    Step 2 - Pour the coffee into a rectangular vessel 

    We are doing this step so that it will be easier to dip the paper entirely into the coffee. This will also make the process faster. 

    You can alternatively also keep the coffee in a smaller vessel and use a sponge to dab the coffee over the whole paper. 

    Step 3 - Burn the edges of the paper 

    Light a candle and slowly start burning the edges of the papers to give it a more vintage look. Be very careful with this step and ensure you don't burn the whole paper. 

    Use a candle to burn the edges of the paper
    Use a candle to burn the edges of the paper

    Step 4 - Crush the papers and dip it in the coffee filled vessel

    First, keep a plastic sheet ready so that you can immediately lay the wet paper onto it. Crush the papers by hand to give it a crumpled look. 

    Now, flatten out the paper and immerse it completely into the coffee vessel. I used both A4 sheets and some grid paper I had. 

    Use a plastic sheet to lay out the wet papers to dry
    Use a plastic sheet to lay out the wet papers to dry

    Alternatively, you can also place the flattened paper onto the plastic sheet and use a sponge to dab coffee all over the paper. This will definitely be a less messy step. 

    Sponge used to dab coffee
    Sponge used to dab coffee

    Step 5 - Leave to dry for a few hours  

    Just leave the papers to dry under a fan for a few hours (I left mine overnight) and you are good to go! 

    This is what the end result looks like!

    DIY Vintage Paper - End Result
    DIY Vintage Paper - End Result

    How I made DIY circle stickers

    What you will need

    An exacto knife, a cutting board and kraft paper or scrap paper in the colour you want. I took a bit of black scrap paper I had and a brown envelope, which had been discarded. 

    If you don't have either of these things, you can take some newspaper (it does give a vintage look), or if you want the specific colour, just colour in with a marker. 

    The process 

    I used a small bottle cap (as seen in the picture) as a stencil for the shape of the circle. I cut out the circles with my exacto knife and stuck it to my bujo with a glue stick. 

    DIY circle stickers
    DIY circle stickers

    If you want to see how I used all these DIY vintage crafts, you can check out my vintage themed bullet journal set up or my Instagram page

    Let me know in the comments if you plan to make a vintage themed journal spread or any of the DIYs above.

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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