Reviewing Top 6 (Pre-made) Planners for 2022 in INDIA

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Reviewing Top 6 (Pre-made) Planners for 2022 in INDIA
Reviewing Top 6 (Pre-made) Planners for 2022 in INDIA

I wanted to use a pre-made planner for 2022, but I also love bullet journaling. 
So, I am going to try to use a combination of both a planner and a bullet journal in 2022.  

Here I am going through the features of the most popular planners which are available for 2022 to help me (and hopefully you) make a choice. 

I will be going in the ascending order of prices and the features under consideration are - 
  • Yearly and quarterly goals
  • Habit Tracker
  • Vision Board Page 
  • At least 100 GSM paper (to ensure no ghosting)
  • Availability of Stickers
  • Cute designs (I don't want to get bored using my planner!!)

    Supple Room

    Cost                       ₹600
    Stickers                  -  3 Sticker Sheets 
    Pre made spreads   - Monthly and weekly spreads, Monthly goals 
    Pre made Trackers  - None
    Pockets                   Not mentioned (so we are assuming it is not available)
    Freebies                  - 3 Sticker Sheets
    Paper GSM               - 100 GSM
    Book Size                 - A5 
    Binding Type           Wiro (Spiral) Binding
    Closure                   - No elastic closure 
    Tabs                       - No Monthly tabs 
    Design                    - B&W (so you can be creative and add whichever colour scheme you want.)

    My observations - 
      • One of the most inexpensive planners on my list, I love that Supple Room still managed to keep its planner at 100 GSM paper. 
      • It is black and white, but I think with a bit of washi tape, brush pens or colouring implements, you can be creative and customise this planner as per your own style. 
      • It is a bare minimum planner, and I feel it is excellent for anyone who is just starting out with planning (beginner friendly). In fact, I ordered this exact planner for my best friend, in the hope that she will also like planning just like me. 

      Doodle Happiness Premium 

      [Note - There is a similar option of this same planner, without the freebies, priced at ₹500, which is a great option for beginners]

      Cost                       ₹1000 
      Stickers                  -  4 Sticker Sheets 
      Pre made spreads   - Monthly spreads, Yearly goals and past year review, Movies to watch, monthly highlights, Activity pages, Calligraphy page 
      Pre made Trackers  - Workout tracker, 21-Day Anxiety challenge tracker
      Pockets                   Not available
      Freebies                  4 Sticker Sheets
                                     Pocket planner 
                                     - Cute gift box 
      Paper GSM               - 80 GSM
      Book Size                 - B5 
      Binding Type           Wiro Binding
      Closure                   - No elastic closure 
      Tabs                       - No Monthly tabs 
      Design                    - Cute and unique

      My observations - 
        • From a mindfulness and mental health perspective, this planner is amazing. 
        • The way the spreads and trackers have been designed in the planner are very unique and very different from other planners. (They even have a calligraphy practice page!)
        • The paper is of 80 GSM, and is wiro bound, so there could be a paper quality issue. 
        • There are no weekly spreads and habit trackers. Instead they have given many ruled pages to directly write in, which was a factor that put me off a little. 
        • They also have tear away note cards with quotes, which I really liked. 
        • I really like the fact that they have an option to buy the same planner, with the same activities pages at half its price, though the number of ruled pages is a little lesser. 
        • I think it is a suitable planner for a person who wants to slow down a little and be more mindful in life. 

        Factor Notes

        Cost                       ₹1000 
        Stickers                  280 Stickers (approx. 8-10 sticker sheets) 
        Pre made spreads   - Monthly and Weekly spreads, Yearly and quarterly goals, Highlights of 2021, Vision Board, Activity pages  
        Pre made Trackers  Habit Tracker, Expense Tracker, Period tracker, Sleep tracker, Mood tracker, Meal Tracker
        Pockets                   - Back pocket
        Freebies                  280 Stickers 
                                       Pocket notebook
        Paper GSM               Not mentioned (but the bullet journals of the same brand are of 100 GSM)
        Paper Size               A5
        Binding Type           Hard Bound
        Closure                   - Has elastic closure 
        Tabs                       - No Monthly tabs 
        Design                    - Cute, yet elegant

        My observations - 
          • I love the blush pink cover (of course, there are various other options to chose from) of the planner. It gives it such an elegant look
          • The cover being hard bound, gives a feeling that it will last more and not be as subject to wear and tear as wiro planners. 
          • If you are a student and live with your parents, the monthly Expense Tracker and the Meal Planner might be unnecessary spreads, since you are not earning, nor responsible for food. 
          • They meet all the features that are a must-have for me (assuming that the GSM is 100), and they do have a lot of trackers and spreads. With so many freebies and such an elegant hard bound cover (also an elastic closure), I think it is a good deal at ₹1000. 

          Simbaa Lifestyle by Mridul Sharma

          Simbaa Lifestyle 2022 Planner features + review
          Simbaa Lifestyle 2022 Planner features + review

          Cost                       ₹1000 
          Stickers                  6 Sticker sheets 
          Pre made spreads   - Monthly and Weekly spreads, Yearly and quarterly goals, Not to-do list, Wish List, To-Buy List, Brain dump, Photo dump, Vision Board 
          Pre made Trackers  Habit Tracker, Expense Tracker, Wellness tracker, Period tracker
          Pockets                   Front and back
          Freebies                  6 Sticker Sheets 
                                         Pocket notebook
                                         2 Post-Its
                                         1 Bookmark
          Paper GSM               100 GSM
          Paper Size               24cm X 19cm
          Binding Type           Wiro Binding
          Closure                   - No elastic closure 
          Tabs                       - Has Monthly tabs 
          Design                    - Cute, yet neat

          My observations - 
            • I like that they have so many spreads and trackers, but I feel they could overwhelm a beginner. For me personally, I think it is perfect. 
            • In the goals spread, they have given prompts, which I think will be very useful while setting and reviewing goals. 
            • If you are a student, the monthly Expense Tracker might be an unnecessary spread, since you are not earning. 
            • I also love that they have a monthly brain dump and also a photo dump, to stick pictures at the end of the year. 
            • There is a picture for every month, which is made of 210 GSM card paper, and can be used as an artwork or as a card to someone. 
            • They do meet all my must-have features (and have so much more to offer), and with the price and the freebies we are getting, I feel Simbaa Lifestyle Planner is very impressive

            [Edit - For some reason I'm unable to add a link to the product website. So, I've given the link below - 

            Happy Wagon 

            Cost                       ₹1000 
            Stickers                  3 sticker sheets
            Pre made Spreads   Monthly and Weekly spreads, Yearly, quarterly and monthly goals, Vision Board
            Pre made Trackers  Habit Tracker 
            Pockets                   At the back only
            Freebies                  3 Sticker Sheets (mentioned above)
                                           Reusable magnetic box (in which the planner comes)
            Paper GSM               120 GSM
            Binding Type           Hard bound
            Closure                   - No Elastic closure  
            Tabs                       - No Monthly tabs 
            Design                    - Pretty floral design

            My observations - 
            • This is one of the few planners that is hard bound. I have heard reviews that wiro bound planners fail to last through the year, so I feel Happy Wagon is a good option if you are worried about paper ripping.  
            • Compared to the other planners in the market, I feel the freebies offered are a little lesser. But then again, the planner is hard bound and the paper is of 120 GSM, which makes up for it. 
            • There are also fewer number of trackers in this planner, compared to the other options.  
            • The weekly spread layout seems a bit off to me, because I feel the boxes for each day have been compressed too much and there is not enough space. 
            • All my must have features are met, so again I'm impressed with this planner.

            Alicia Souza

            Alicia Souza 2022 Planner features + review
            Alicia Souza 2022 Planner features + review

            Cost                       2500 
            Stickers                  Separate sticker book with 200+ stickers
            Pre made spreads  - Monthly and Weekly spreads, Yearly and quarterly goals
            Pre made trackers  Meal tracker, Habit Tracker, Expense Tracker, Wellness tracker, Period tracker
            Pockets                   Front and back
            Freebies                  Sticker Book (mentioned above)
                                           - Pocket planner (easier to carry, since the other one is bulky)
            Paper GSM               120 GSM
            Paper Size               23cm X 19cm
            Binding Type           Wiro Binding
            Closure                   - Elastic closure available 
            Tabs                       - Monthly tabs available 
            Design                    - Cute and quirky

            My observations - 
              • Most of my must have features are met. 
              • There is no vision board or a monthly goals spread, but there are MANY notes pages, so we can create our own spread. 
              • I love the sticker book that comes with this. They have extremely cute stickers. 
              • There is a space to write a 'Letter to My Future Self' and I love that idea. 
              • I feel certain spreads are unnecessary (for students like me) such as Meal Tracker (I live with my parents, and I am not responsible for the cooking) and Expense Tracker (I am not earning yet).  
              • Also, the price is on the higher side definitely, which is the most deterring factor for me. 


              I feel I am going to zero in on the Simbaa Lifestyle planner, because it has so many trackers, many of which are unique. I feel the price is also reasonable, given the number of freebies we are getting, and the good paper quality. 

              I might also buy the Alicia Souza sticker book separately. I have been eyeing it for a long time now. 

              I hope this review was helpful for you in case you were confused about which planner to get for 2022. Keep creating! Keep planning! ❤


              I'm so glad you took a minute to leave a comment! It means a lot :)