All your questions about bullet journals answered (India specific)

I got a few questions relating to bullet journals and I thought I would make a blog post trying to answer a few. If you have any more questions other than the ones I've answered, please leave comment below and I will get back to you. 

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    Which is the best bullet Journal under ₹500 which is bleed proof?

    Matrikas Signature Premium is one of the best bullet journals out there, which is under ₹500 and yet is made of 100 GSM paper, which makes it bleed proof. It comes with a planning sticker set and also has a back pouch to keep necessary papers. 

    It has two pricing options - one at Rs 490 and the other at Rs 360


    Where can I find cute bullet journals?

    In India, there are a number of online shops which sell bullet journals. Here is a list I have curated - 

    1. Amazon

    Of course, Amazon has the biggest collection of bullet journals out there. So, it had to top the list. Here are my favourites - 

    2. PawPrints

    This is a store that sells Kawaii style stuff, including Kawaii themed journals and diaries. They have a lot of quirky things too, so checking them out is a must. 


    3. Factor Notes 

    Their bullet journals come with quirky and fun covers and are cost effective as well. The paper (120 GSM) is of great quality too. 


    Under which niche does bullet journaling fall into?

    I think bullet journal in itself is a niche. Or it could also come under 'Journaling' niche, 'Productivity' niche or 'Lifestyle' niche. 

    What to do if your paper quality is poor but still want a creative bullet Journal?

    A creative bullet journal involves a lot of colours and doodles, mainly using water colours, brush pens and markers

    If your paper quality is poor, then there are high chances that your 'creative bullet journal' is prone to ghosting or bleeding (which essentially means that the imprint of what you wrote on one page will likely be seen on the other side). 

    Ghosting on Paper
    PC - Chris Pinnock

    You will require minimum 100 GSM paper to avoid such marks on the other side. 

    If your bullet journal quality is poor, the best thing to do is to draw your doodles or headers on another piece of paper, cut it out and stick it onto your bullet journal. This will prevent bleeding or ghosting. 

    You can also use stickers to give your bullet journal that pop of colour without ruining it. 

    Which are the best quality yet cheapest bullet journaling supplies in India?

    I wrote out an entire blog post on this question, which you can check out here

    How to keep a secret journal? 

    I am assuming you want to keep your journal hidden/ secret from people that you live with, like your room mates. Make a decoy. Keep one journal out in the open and be seen writing only in that. Write random stuff in it. 

    You can keep your actual journal hidden under your clothes or some other place no one will think of looking. Write your personal stuff in that, and of course ensure no one sees you using it. 

    You could also get a journal with a lock like this one (see picture below) and keep the key on your person all the time.


    Which are the best planners to use in 2022?

    I do have a blog post reviewing six of the best planners in India, which you can check out here.

    Is it compulsory to learn calligraphy for bullet journaling??

    Absolutely not. The beauty of bullet journaling is that you can make it as simple as you want or as elaborate and creative as you want. But, calligraphy is a nice hobby or skill to pick up and if you are starting bullet journaling, there is no harm in learning calligraphy along side it. 

    However, if you don't want to learn it, yet want calligraphy or brush lettering styled headers, you can get stickers to stick in your bullet journal. 

    Here are some Indian shops that sell hand lettering and planning stickers - SassyPlannerNerd and CrazyPlannerLady

    Any further questions?

    If you have any more questions related to bullet journaling, please leave in the comments below. I will definitely get back to you. 

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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