What is the 3 legged stool of successful studying?

The analogy of the "3-legged stool" is very popular. The three legs balance the stool, which makes it a stable place to sit on. If even one of the legs is removed, the stool will collapse. 

Very similar to this 3-legged stool is our studies. There are three important "legs" in our studies, which if taken care of, will give us a stable study routine and enable us to be successful in our exams. But if even one of the legs is removed, our study routine will collapse and so will our results. 

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The 3-legged stool of successful studies

    The first leg - Discipline

    Along with discipline, we also need proper planning and consistency. A proper plan is needed to 
    especially if you are a student who does self studies. Consistency and discipline is needed to finish our plan and achieve our goals. 

    If you are not able to get into track of studying consistently, get a study buddy. Someone who will study with you at the same time as you, but not necessarily the same portions. 

    You can do study buddy sessions at a cafe, or one of your houses, or it can even be over a video call. This is just for you to have accountability. 

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    If you are not able to get a study buddy, the next best thing is to find a "Real time study with me" video on YouTube and study along with the person in the video. Studies have shown that people with ADHD also tend to study better with such videos. 

    I also have a study with me video on my channel, which is you can watch here - 

    The second leg - No distractions

    This is not to say that every distracting element should entirely eliminated from your life. But, no distractions during your study time is a must. 

    Binge watching, social media, talking/ messaging your friends, are all distractions which should be indulged in only during your breaks. 

    Just like you plan your studies, plan your breaks as well. Go through Instagram, or catch up with your pending episode on Netflix, but only in the break time allocated for it. 

    Keep your phone inside your cupboard, put it on silent/ switch it off, or use an app blocker, such as AppBlock or AppDetox or Block Apps to keep yourself away from distractions. 

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    The third leg - Past Papers

    It may seem like it is unnecessary, but attempting past papers is one of the most important things to do before your exam. 

    There are multiple advantages to attempting past question papers - 
    • The exam bodies do have a habit of repeating previously asked questions. 
    • Doing such questions can improve your understanding of a particular chapter, especially because exam questions tend to be difficult. 
    • If you attempt past papers under exam conditions, you will be able to improve not just your speed, but also the accuracy and presentation of your answers.  

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    You can also sign up for test series, in which an evaluator will correct your answers and give comments as to where improvements can be made. I personally signed up for Rucha Mam's test series (you can also give it a go if you are a CA student.) 

    I hope this analogy was useful to you in understanding the most important aspects of a successful study/ exam routine. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

    All the best for your exams! Keep planning and happy studying! 🧡


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