Cheap bullet journal supplies which are of best quality in India in 2022

If you want to have a creative bullet journal, you would definitely need to buy some stationery supplies for it. It is not necessary to have the most expensive things to make your bujo pretty, but try to get at least the most basic supplies. 

I started my journaling journey on a very very limited budget, so I would like to show you also what affordable supplies you could get as a journaling beginner. 

Cheap bullet journal supplies which are of best quality in India in 2022

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    Bullet Journal

    For bullet journal, I would suggest getting a one with good quality paper, at least 100 GSM. My recommendation is Matrikas Signature Premium

    It has many features such as, dotted pages, sticker sheets, back pocket and an elastic closure. It is priced at Rs 360, but for the quality and features it gives, it is worth it.


    Brush Pens - Camlin

    If you are a beginner at brush lettering, Camlin brush pens are more than enough to help you get the knack of it and to practice. It comes in a set of both 12 colours (priced at Rs 185) and 24 colours (priced at Rs 350).

    A good alternative to this is the Doms set of 14 brush pens, which comes at a price of Rs 195. This set also comes with 2 metallic brush pens, which is an added bonus. 


    Fine Tip Pens - Luxor 0.5 mm

    Fine tips are really handy for writing day-to-day tasks, or for journaling. This set of 10 pens from Luxor (consisting of all the primary colours) will add that pop of colour to your lists and journal.

    The 0.5 mm fine tips will give your writing a clean and mess-free look. It comes at a cost of Rs 100. 

    Washi Tapes

    Originated in Japan, these are basically paper tape, which come in various colours and designs and are great to spruce up your bullet journal. You can get some really affordable washi tapes from Journal Say or Inkarto India.

    Amazon also has a variety of washi tape and journaling supply options. The first set of washi tapes I ever owned was this set of pastel washi tapes.  


    I've purchased from both Inkarto and JournalSay multiple times, and I love their variety, affordability and quality (and no, I've not been sponsored to say this 😅).

    I've put up videos of my hauls from both Inkarto and JournalSay on my YouTube channel, which you can check out here

    I also have an article on all the affordable journaling supplies I got from JournalSay, which you can read here

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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