How to make a cute DIY clay CAT PAW phone stand (Kawaii style)

I stumbled upon a DIY clay cat paw phone stand on Instagram and I wanted to recreate the same. I love making clay crafts and thought this clay DIY would be easy to make, even for a beginner.  

So here I am sharing the process with y'all. 

How to make a cute DIY clay CAT PAW phone stand (Kawaii style)

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    Materials needed to make a clay phone stand 

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    The idea behind this DIY

    The idea behind this DIY was that it should be multi functional; even though it serves as a phone stand, it should also look like a cute desk accessory when it is not in use. 

    The colour scheme I'm going for is white and pastel pink. You can change it up according to your preference. 

    This can also serve as a cute and thoughtful hand made gift for your friend; just remember that it needs to dry over night, so give it that much time. 

    How to make a CAT PAW phone stand from CLAY (with pictures) 

    1. Cut out a chunk of clay with the exacto knife. 
    (Remember to wrap the plastic covering tightly around the remaining clay and secure it with tape so that it doesn't dry out.)

    Cut out a chunk of clay

    2. Knead the clay to make it soft and flexible. You can use water to make it easier to knead.  

    Knead the clay

    3. From this chunk, separate out 3/4th of the clay, to make a circle (which will serve as the base). 

    Make a circle with 3/4th of the clay to make the base

    4. Flatten out the ball of clay with a rolling pin or any cylindrical object. 

    Flatten the clay with a rolling pin

    5. Use a circular object, like this cookie cutter, to make a circle in the clay. 

    Use a circular object like a cookie cutter to make a circle in the clay

      6. After imprinting the circle onto the clay, trim the excess edges with an exacto knife. 

    Trim the excess edges with an exacto knife

    7. Smooth out the edges of the circle with water to give it a clean and crisp look. 

    Smooth the edges with water to give it a clean finish

    8. With the remaining clay, make 3 tiny balls and a triangle. 

    Make 3 balls and a triangle with the remaining clay

    9. This is what a rough draft of the phone stand looks like. The phone stand is the area between the 3 balls and the triangle. 

    Rough draft of clay cat paw phone stand

    10. Leave the four objects to dry separately over night. When it has hardened, we can paint it in the colour of our choice. 

    Additional step

    Some people choose to sand their clay objects after it has dried for a better finish. I didn't have sand paper (grit paper) with me, so I skipped this. It is recommended to sand down your clay objects starting from the lowest grit and work your way up. 

    I've chosen white acrylic paint for the circular base and pastel pink for the 3 balls and triangle. 

    Painting my clay objects with white and pastel pink

    11. Leave the painted objects to dry for about an hour or so. Then, take your glue gun or Fevicol and glue down the objects to the circular base as shown in picture. Leave it for about 20 minutes for the glue to dry and then you're done!

    Gluing down my cat paw objects to the base

    Additional step

    You can also glaze your clay objects with varnish, for a shinier and long lasting effect. I didn't have glaze with me, so I skipped this step. This décor varnish gloss from Itsy Bitsy works pretty well as a glaze for clay. 
    Read this blog post by Jessica to get a better idea on how to sand and glaze polymer clay. 


    Note that you should not leave them to dry directly in the sun, or else it will start developing cracks. Dry it out at room temperature and keep changing the angle in which the clay is every few hours, so that air will get to each side evenly. 

    What my DIY clay cat paw phone stand looks like

    So this is what the end result looks like. The image I've shown on the left is what I used as an inspiration to make the phone stand. 

    What my DIY clay cat paw phone stand looks like

    I hope you find this DIY useful and easy to make! If there is any other clay DIY you would like me to make, please let me know in the comments! 

    Also, do tag me on Instagram @creating.plans, if you've recreated this. I'd loved to see your version of it and share it on my stories.

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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