How Interstitial Journaling can help Improve your PRODUCTIVITY (with Free printable)

I've been studying for my exams and I've noticed one recurring pattern in my study format. I am able to study for 2 hours (which is one study session for me). But after that, I completely go off track and take a really long break, even though I have a list in place of what to do next. 

I realized that I was lacking accountability, even though I have a mentor. I needed to be accountable to myself after every study session and break.  

Use Interstitial journaling to improve your productivity (includes free PRINTABLE)
Use Interstitial journaling to improve your productivity (includes free PRINTABLE)

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    What is Interstitial Journaling?

    I came across this interesting productivity tool called Interstitial Journaling, formed by Coach Tony Stubblebine. I like to call it 'Journal to be Productive'. 

    He says that Interstitial journaling is making short journal entries between tasks. 

    In this method, we do journaling, but in a different format than usual. After each study or work session, we note down 3 things, to maintain our focus. You can do this digitally (Notion, Evernote) or on paper (a journal).

    1. The time (I do this to keep track of time)

    2. What did I finish in this session? Am I still thinking of any part of the work I just finished?

    3. What am I planning to do next?

    What did I finish in this session?

    In this entry, I write what I finished, whether I achieved the goals I had set for that session. 

    When I study I keep alternate subjects for each study session, i.e., if I study Tax in my first session, I study Auditing in my next session, then I go back to Tax for my third session, and so on.

    So, to ensure I am able to forgo any residual thoughts I have about the session I just finished, I also write down whether I am still thinking about any part of the work I just finished. 

    Doing this helps my mind close the chapter I finished and helps me focus on the next subject fully. 

    What am I planning to do next?

    After I write about my completed session, I write about my future session. I write about the subject I am about to tackle and what my first action is going to be. 

    For example, this is what I would write about the next session I am going start -
    "I am going to do Chapter 1 of Indirect Tax. I will first read the study material, and then solve MCQs."

    I also sometimes reflect on the distractions I faced during my session and how plan on overcoming then in the next session. 

    For example, a distraction during one of my study sessions was loud TV noise. So, during my next session, I tried changing my place of study. I also tried using using ear plugs, and listening to Lofi music/ study music (I listen to Thomas Frank's study playlist on Spotify) while studying. 

    How I do interstitial journaling for productivity
    How I do interstitial journaling for productivity

    Through interstitial journaling, you can also do an audit of your time over a period, and figure out when you are most productive and where you waste time or get distracted. 

    Just remember not to write more than 3 lines in each entry. We don't want to waste time journaling all day, do we? Because I find journaling therapeutic, I also use stickers and washi tapes in between my entries to make it all look cuter and more aesthetic. 

    Interstitial Journaling Printable

    Just in case you have difficulty in knowing where to start or how exactly to go about this, I made this interstitial journaling printable template to make it easier for you to get a head start. 

    You can download it as a PDF (A4 size) and either get it printed or use the format in your journal or diary. 


    I hope interstitial journaling will be useful to you, if you are planning to implement it.

    Keep creating, keep planning! 💕


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