Affordable Indian Craft supplies online store ft. Craft Villa | Origami, Vintage Papers and more

Do you like making DIYs and origami? Are you a craft lover? Are you looking for good quality and affordable craft supplies in India? If yes, I am glad you've stumbled upon this article! I want to introduce you to an affordable online craft store I recently discovered - Craft Villa India

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Best quality affordable Indian craft supplies - Origami, vintage paper, EVA foam sheets, stickers and more
Best quality affordable Indian craft supplies - Origami, vintage paper, EVA foam sheets, stickers and more

Disclaimer - Craft Villa kindly gifted me all the things mentioned in this blog post. This, however, is not a sponsored post and all the opinions mentioned are my own. 

    About Craft Villa India

    Before we get into the haul, let me tell you a little bit about them. 

    Craft Villa India is an affordable Indian craft supplies online store. They are an entirely made in India brand and all their printed paper materials (like vintage paper, craft paper, origami paper) are eco-friendly, acid free, skin friendly and safe for kids. 

    They also share cute crafting ideas on their YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram accounts, so do check them out there! 

    Vintage Paper

    I want to start by talking about my favourite item from this entire haul - vintage papers. If you are an old time reader, you would know that I love vintage paper and vintage journals, so much so that I made an entire vintage themed bullet journal spreadIf you're thinking of doing the same, go for this vintage paper without hesitation. 

    The quality of this paper is impeccable, and the best part is that it is eco-friendlyThis paper can be used for letter writing, calligraphy, journaling, scrapbooking; I could go on and on, there are so many ideas! Each pack comes with 20 A4-sized sheets; it contains 4 unique designs with 5 sheets per design. 

    Designer Craft Paper

    Buy designer craft paper -

    These are patterned papers and Craft Villa has such unique prints! I got their 'Floral pack' and their 'Spots & stripes pack'. The designs have my heart; they are just so pretty! Each pack contains 20 A4-sized sheets (10 unique prints of 2 sheets each). 

    I am so excited to try out scrapbooking and journaling with these sheets. Reels and pictures of everything will be up on Instagram! πŸ’«

    These are EVA foam sheets and are ideal for making DIY crafts and collages. Each pack contains 10 sheets, all in different colours. My favourite is the black one. Comment down below which is yours!

    Check out this tutorial on how to make a DIY wall hanging room dΓ©cor.

    Designer Paper Pack Book

    Buy the Designer Paper Pack Book -

    In this book, you get 32 sheets (comes in 16 unique designs of 2 sheets) of printed paper in beautiful patterns. I love the gold foil and floral prints the most - both shown in picture above! 

    The sheets are bound together in a book format and are easy to tear off, which makes it easy to organize this (no flying papers! 😁) The papers, which are in the size 12" x 12", are of the thickness 180 GSM. They are perfect for making cards and decoupage art.

    Origami Papers

    Perfect for your origami craving fingers, this is a pack of 20 sheets of origami paper of 80 GSM each. (80 GSM thickness is ideal for origami papers, since it makes folding easier.) The papers are sized at 6" x 6". They have plenty of other designs on their website to choose from. 

    Check out how I made this heart organizer with their origami paper!

    Happy birthday banner

    This banner comes as a set of 13 neon-coloured flags, 1 ribbon and 1 needle. It can be reused many times and is very easy to put together. I'm definitely going to be using this banner for my sister's birthday! 😁

    EVA foam glitter stickers

    Buy EVA foam glitter stickers -

    These are self adhesive foam stickers, and they come in a variety of shapes, like stars, smileys and butterflies. You can get a combo of 5 sticker sheets hereI think the smaller ones, especially the alphabet stickers will look great in mini journaling spreadsI'm also planning to use them to make cards for my family. 


    Craft Villa India's fun emoji and star stickers to brighten up your day
    Craft Villa India's fun emoji and star stickers to brighten up your day 

    Their sticker packs also come in cute designs. I especially love their emoji stickers. I'm currently using these stickers to pep up my planner and make it more interesting. See my planner here

    If you are a parent, these stickers could be a great way to improve your child's learning and training, like by giving them a star sticker every time they do well. 

    Glitter Ice cream sticks (big)

    Glitter ice cream sticks from Craft Villa India come in colours ranging from silver and gold to blue and green
    Glitter ice cream sticks from Craft Villa India come in colours ranging from silver and gold to blue and green

    There are such amazing ice cream stick crafts that can be made, like pen stands, phone stands, jewellery holders, etc. The possibilities are endless. Craft Villa has coloured glitter ice cream sticks, which make it even more fun to work with. They could make for cute borders in journals. They are also great for decorative purposes. 

    You can watch the entire reel of the unboxing here - 

    Given the quality of the products, I think you get value for money at Craft Villa India.

    Whether you are a crafter, or you want to get your children into origami or crafts, as a creative hobby, you should definitely check out their collections. 

    They have many more items on their website such as magnetic sheets, neon papers, glitter borders and project sheets. It is an absolute haven for crafters. Check them out here. 

                         Get 20% off on your Craft Villa India orders using the code CREATE20

    Please do mention any queries you have in the comments section :)
    Keep creating! Keep planning! πŸ’ž


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