How to make a simple Coffee themed bullet journal spread with minimal journaling supplies!

I wasn't able to post this last year since my exams were around the corner, so I had to wait a whole year to post this coffee themed bullet journal spread in October. Even though the ongoing theme for October bujo spreads is autumn or Halloween inspired, I felt coffee to be a more apt theme for many reasons. 

One, in October my coffee intake increases manifold since it is always the month before my exams. Two, if I did a coffee theme in October, I could draw a cup coffee instead of the 'O' in October! (See my cover page 😁)

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    Coffee Themed Quote Page 

    For my quote page, I found this cute wall sticker on Amazon with a coffee quote, which said "Coffee is always a good idea". I really liked the lettering and the design of it, so I decided to recreate it as the quote page for my bullet journal. 

    Coffee Themed Quote Page
    Coffee Themed Quote Page

    Coffee Themed Cover Page

    Since I made this spread for October, I thought I'd draw the 'O' in the shape of a coffee mug. I wanted the spread to look simple otherwise, so I just attached some dark brown grid washi tapes to the edges and added a coffee sticker and some coffee bean doodles here and there. 

    Coffee Themed Quote Page
    Coffee Themed Quote Page

    Coffee Themed Habit Tracker

    For my habit tracker, I wrote out the habits I wanted to track and then drew tiny coffee cups for each day. It was definitely a time consuming process though! I again added coffee stickers and grid washi tape to fill up the empty spaces. 

    Coffee themed habit tracker
    Coffee themed habit tracker

    Coffee Themed Monthly Spread

    My monthly spread was very minimal, with just a few coffee stickers and some grid washi and some coffee doodles around the edges. 

    Coffee themed monthly spread
    Coffee themed monthly spread

    Coffee Themed Daily spreads

    I went with daily spreads this month, since this month was entirely dedicated to only my studies, I didn't have much of a to-do list. (I have a separate journal as my study planner)

    This month, I started doing 'Interstitial Journaling', as a way to boost my productivity and efficiency. So, that is what I used my daily spreads for. 

    And throughout the daily spreads, I used my coffee stickers and floral stamps to reduce the monotony of just plain journaling. 

    Coffee Themed Daily spread
    Coffee Themed Daily spread

    Journaling supplies I used to make my coffee themed bujo 

    1. Coffee stickers - I used these decoratively in my daily and weekly planner.  

    2. Grid washi tape - I used these to fill up empty spaces in my bujo. I used the colours brown, dark brown and light brown. If this is beyond your budget, you can get washi samples from this Instagram store called Washi Sabi. That's where I got mine from. 

    3. Alphabet stamps - I used the stamps to write the date for my daily bujo.   

    4. Floral stamps - They are basically wooden block stamps with a floral design. Again, they were used decoratively and as a space filler.  

    5. Faber castell Ecco pigment pen - I used it to draw doodles and writing the quote. 

    6. Luxor fine tips - This is what I use always to write in my bujo, whether it is a to do list, or journaling. 

    So this was how my coffee themed bullet journal spread turned out. I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration for your own spreads. 

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    Keep creating! Keep planning! 💞


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