Shop my Favourite Stationery!

The picture above is a part of my stationery collection. So, most of the products I endorse are personally tried, tested and loved by me.

KOKUYO Correction Tape

Much easier to use than normal whiteners and no waiting for drying.
It can be used instantly!

DOMS Brush Pens

If you are in the beginning stages of learning brush lettering, these pens are the way to go.
Extra brownie points for the silver and gold metallic brush pens! You can check out my Pintrest or Instagram to see the lettering I have done with them!

Pastel Binder Clips

Binder clips are always a stationery essential. But they can be more fun if they are in pastel!

Flash Cards

Always handy while studying, these can even be used during speeches as short memory notes!

Get it in plain white.
Or do you want a pop of colour?

Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint Roller ball pen

For smooth and buttery writing, look no further! 
And the best part? It comes with refillable cartridges! (environment friendly☺)

Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment

This is the pen I use for drawing the borders in my bullet journal and sometimes even doodling. The ink flow is just great and works extremely well for me, especially since it comes in many different nib sizes. 

KURETAKE ZIG Clean Color Dot

With these amazing pens, you can make dots of various sizes just by adujsting the pressure you put on its tip. I think it is perfect to use in planners or bujos. 

Cute wooden clips

Though mostly used to hang up pictures, I use these clips to hold my papers together, as an alternative to paper clips. And they have the most adorable designs on them!

Stabilo Boss Highlighters - Pastel

These highlighters I would recommend only to hardcore stationery fans, since they are on the expensive side. But then, the pastel shades are so aesthetic and pretty!

Coloured ruled paper

If you have read my blog on formula sheets, you know that this is the kind of paper I prefer to jot down my formulae or my summary notes in. 
Washi Tape

I was able to buy washi tapes at a price I wanted from this company. I had a 15-day long wait though. As a beginner washi tape user, I think it is perfect. And you to choose colours you want. I picked the macaron (pastel) shades. 

Uniball Signo 0.7 - White Gel Pen

I know everyone prefers Sakura White Gelly Roll pen, and it is definitely nice, but I went for Uniball instead. I will test out Sakura as well and let you know which I prefer better, But just know, the ink is creamy, thick yet fluid, It worked very well for the DIY project for which I bought it. I will put up a blog post soon about the DIY.. 

Post-it Sticky Notes

I purchased both the normal post its available and the super sticky ones. I could definitely feel thet difference between two, in terms of sticking quality. The super sticky ones are harder to rip off, and their re-sticking duration is certainly be longer. (Honestly, I bought the super sticky post it because of its pretty colours!)

Normal Post-It

Super-Sticky Post-It

Affiliate Disclaimer - Please note that I a earn a small commission on the basis of your purchases, but you won't be charged anything extra! Your support really means a lot! ❤